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Science through Stories at Brooklands Museum

Since late 2107, I have been working with Brooklands Museum to develop science stories from their new aviation exhibition based on the wartime manufacture of the Wellington Bomber built on the Brooklands site. We are planning to offer teachers CPD based on these stories as well as training up the staff and volunteers to tell stories to visiting schools and families. 

Wow, double and triple wow - this is an absolutley fantastic book - it is so well conceived and written and works on so many levels, it deserves to become an instant classic. I cannot praise it highly enough.


What a great start to the wonderful world of science and discovery - it makes me want to become a primary school science teacher.

George McGavin BBC Wildlife Presenter


I took the liberty of reading it prior to forwarding it to Alice, it is a brilliant concept and exceptionally well put together. I think that it is so important to both initiate the love of science and to build an understanding on accurate concepts at the earliest possible age, I think that this creative but scientific approach is ideal to achieve both of these aims.

Jack Jackson, Executive Principal, Launceston College Multi Academy Trust

My Book


Science Through Story Book

Chris Smith of and I have written a book of stories to help children learn science by hearing and retelling stories. The book (Science Through Stories) contains 29 science stories and is packed with activities to make your science teaching hands-on and exciting. Published by Hawthorn Press, it is now available at

It's nice to find a way into science that I might actually be able to do.

Terresa Smth


“The children understand the stories, they remember them, they discuss the details and…before they know it, they have understood the Science with no effort at all.”

Rachel Luckett, Teacher, Standlake


I thought it was really imaginative and fun.  It is really great to listen to.  It has a fun and interesting twist.  I love the way you describe the size of the daisies.  



"Hands on, enquiry-based science teaching in primary schools will inspire, excite and motivate a life-long love of learning -  great science teaching makes great scientists."


George McGavin, author, broadcaster and entomolgist



Bespoke Science INSET

I provide INSET teacher training for schools. You can pick the topic and I'll work out a way to make the session informative, hands-on and inspiring. I'm available for twilight or full day Inset. Popular sessions include:

  • Hands-on science

  • Tackling a big science project

  • Recording

"This was the most constructive two hours I have spent in a long time! It was very practical and enjoyable."


D. Thompson, Teacher, Whitmore Primary, Basildon



Storytelling Training

I am a trainer with and can provide training in the storytelling schools method. To book this training or training in teaching science through stories please contact me or storytelling schools on the website above.


Science Through Storytelling uses purpose-written stories to combine English and Science lessons for efficient learning. Re-telling the stories supports their English whilst the science content of the stories is rehearsed in the re-telling. I can also provide training in Science Through Storytelling. In these sessions, I can show how to teach the science, use the story and lead this into story writing and non-fiction writing.

"Stories are a great way to engage with science."


George McGavin, author, broadcaster and entomologist.


The Story Museum


I often work with The Story Museum in Oxford as a free-lance educator. I am also running science courses for children in the holidays. All the science is linked to well known stories. This Easter I ran a science story course all about chocolate!

Just a sample of my work.
 To see more or discuss possible work >>

Theatre based projects


In my spare time I have been involved with Cumnor Players - a community theatre group. I've directed, performed and made a host of different props. I like the creative process of putting on a show. I've also led theatre sessions for young people. You can see photos from the shows here.



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